Bintimani Restaurant
Call: 617.445.2227 features all aspects of West African food preparation including raw materials acquisition, cooking, serving at the restaurant,delivering within the city limits of Boston for 100-dollar orders or more.

Catering services are also provided on demand. Feel free to visit Bintimani.

Our dishes are authentically West African. If you never have tasted West African food, the experience is bound to trigger your tast buds into such levels of teste encounter you never expected to run into.

Our food is also all natural. After a meal at Bintimani, you will hardly feel like eating within the next three hours or more that follow. That's because, in addition to being natural, every dish at Bintimani is also a carefully balanced diet treat. If you doubt this, try our ever popular Cassava Leaf dish; and you will readily agree.

Please accept our personal invitation to Bintimani. As a new customer, you can enjoy a five-dollar plate for free, only on Sunday, on us, an offer you cannot refuse. This, a new customer visit on Suday, we hope, will provide you an opportunity not only to sample our food, but to also to create a friendly relationship with the Bintimani staff. Just remember to say the code phrase: "BINTIMANI, AUTHENTICALLY WEST AFRICAN".

Our Customers

Africans (and friends of Africans) from all over Africa including the Cameroon, Cape Verde, the Gambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Senagal, Guinea, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabue, among others, have visited and tried our food with satisfactory reviews. In addition, Americans, Mexicans, Caribbeans, and other nationalities love Bintimani dishes. You will love it too,

We Enjoy a Special Relationship With Customers

We value all our business relationships with customers. We have especially enjoyed providing the West African appetite needs the for last four years. You can understand, then, why our customers visit the business at least once every week.

Last year was a great year for us. Why? Because we had the privilege of fulfilling large orders for customers from Harvard, MIT, Northeaster University, local African organizations and groups, for marriages, parties, or special occations.

Providing excellent service to our customers is very important to us. We would hate to lose them because we view them most outstanding. If you are already our customer, reestablishing the business relationship with us is top priority. If you are planning to try our food, we like to meet with you here at Bintimani at a time convenient for you..